Henager Museum Events

Event Honoring those that have served our country

Mission Statement

The Henager Family Museum, Inc. DBA as Henager’s Memories & Nostalgia has a mission to preserve historic items for the general public to view.  We will strive to fill the void in Southern Indiana and the Mid-West by providing a history based national collection.  We also strive to assist local people in seeing how our local history relates to our national history.  Furthermore, we shall strive to present the history in such a way as to make the museum an interesting and attractive to visitors of all age groups.

                                                                                                                               In addition Henager Family Museum Inc. has and is establishing the DBA National Veterans Memorial to honor all of our country’s veterans with a National Memorial. We also want to help veterans in need such as; food bank, Recreation Area for Disabled Veterans and operate the memorial in a way that all veterans that visit feel they are visiting their second home.                                                                               

 In addition Henager Family Museum Inc. has and is establishingthe DBA Hollywood Wall of Fame